Buying and selling domains are one of the emerging markets on the internet. Today, domain name market can be compared to real estate properties. After acquiring one, it serves as your territory of the virtual world. You can make a living from buying a domain at a cheaper price and sell it at a higher value when the time is right. The difference will be the profit yield between the process of buying it and selling it in the future. However, the domain industry is still growing, so if you want to make a living out of buying and selling domain be informed that the market remain unpredictable. If you are able to buy and sell domain names with a high volume of traffic and the domains are related to any popular product or service directly then you will soon carve a name for yourself in the domain trading world. There are stories where the sale of just one domain names produced a profit of millions of dollar. The art of buying and selling domain is not only designed for experienced webmasters, but for anyone that is ready to make a living with a little knowledge and passion for success. Before you join the movement of domain traders, there are factors that you must consider. This article will provide you some of the information you need as a starter to profit in the domain world.




For you to understand the nature of domain trading there is a need for you to engage in training and extensive research, and if you are planning on making a career out of it then you must prepare to cope with the dynamic market. You must equip yourself with the skills and tools needed to explore the growing market such as speculating the future demands of a domain name and creating the path that you can use to sell the names.


The assessment of domain names remain very unpredictable, and this means that it can either be a good or bad investment. Occasionally you might think that you have developed a very good and sellable domain name but only to discover that no one is actually interested in buying it from you. At times there is the probability that an international company might develop a product that has the exact similar name of one out of your random domain names and therefore express their interest to purchase it in exchange of a good price.


A solid long-term strategy is to ‘buy and hold’ for the long-term natural growth of the domains value, at the same time use the domain to create a passive income can really pay off as this can lead to a situation where the domain pays for itself, a little like the rental real estate market!




It doesn’t matter if you are buying and selling domain names as a full time or part time job, all you need to bear in mind is that it is an online profession and it demands a high level of professionalism and credibility. By the time you become an expert that knows and understand the market very well, you automatically be on the radar from a raft of known buyers. You also need to create a portfolio of the domain name you are selling while the profiles are well organized. Most buyers will be convinced easily when you give them the impression that you have all the details needed about your domains, some of these details include the traffic figures, their pricing profiles, and the content histories.


The easiest way to become a real pro in the domain market is to get yourself a sales platform that excels itself in providing useful sales data, domain asset lists, contact form and an onboard escrow service. Luckily has all these features and a lot more!




No buyer will be interested in buying a domain with bad traffic flow, after buying a domain your goal is to keep building the links until you grow it to a level of good flow of traffic and eventually getting it to be listed in all the foremost search engines.


This used to be the case until google actively, almost, delist your domain as soon as it goes dark. The likelihood of your domain getting seen and listed if its not on a sales platform is very low and with most sales platforms you will also see a spike when its listed, then a slow and gradual decline in interest (going down the List). has the exclusive ADC (Active Domain Club) that helps prevent this and also provides a steady flow of hungry buyers to your site.


There is an added advantage for any domain that is busy with traffic, because the longer you keep maintaining it the better your chance of selling it at a higher price, and at the end, the age of the domain name is very important. Domain names that have been active for over 2 years tend to have better search engine rankings and more traffic. Domains that are well managed over the years will see their value on the increase.


If the rating of your domain is good the next step is to find a domain name appraiser and have an idea of the current worth of your domain name, then you can decide if you want to sell it or you believe that by increasing the domain ranking you can get a better deal.




What matters most, in the end, is that you bought cheap domains and sold them at a much higher price for nice profit.


Any sales platform you do chose needs to be able to close a deal and to ensure that the domain can be transferred to a new owner and at the same time the money due for the sale of the domain is held secure to be released when the transaction is complete!


At this stage a escrow and transfer service such as the one with is invaluable as it will sort all the little details to make sure that the transaction is completed with as little hassle as possible. It is also VITAL that any buyer is comfortable with this aspect as they are the ones that has to part with their money BEFORE they get the domain.





For you to become a successful domain trader, you should spend some time studying the varied part of the domain selling business, keep contacts with industry experts, buyer marketplaces, insiders, and online companies (use LinkedIn, an excellent source of people and companies). This will help you to take advantage of getting acquainted with the key players in the market and becoming of one of them eventually.


In the end of the day becoming a pro at this is something that easily can be done by simply doing it! Yes, most probably you will get a few domains that can’t be easily sold but then this is the business, its about getting those domains that you have in front of people and companies that can relate to have a need for it!


With practice come perfection and in the fast-moving world of domains this comes real quick.