How To Sell My Domain and Brand




Domain names have become the source of fortunes for many on the internet. A $10 domain name can easily command a price of hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it mainly depends on what is popular.


There is an act of buying and selling in the world of domain names. These acts are so distinctive that many domain name holders and consumers are caught up in the act with many people having a particular desire to buy a domain name while some have a big interest in selling a domain name. Today, domain names have continues to become an essential commodity in the world of internet.


To find a valued domain name you need to be creative and search the registrars for long periods of time, and if you come across a good domain name, there are several steps required before you can buy it and sell for a higher price. However, in the business of selling a domain, you need to be patient and let your domain name gain value much like real estate.


The main focus of this article is how to sell your domain name, and bear it in mind that selling your domain involves a tricky process. If buying your domain involves some processes, then to sell it, you also need to undergo some steps. This piece is just a basic introduction on how you can sell your domain name.




If you are thinking of selling your domain, then you must have a reason for such thought, according to domain name experts, there are different reasons why a certain domain name holder sell the domain. The primary reason for some is that many of them purchased a domain name just for the purpose of reselling it later. While most of the domain name holders sell their domain name because they discovered that it has no use for them, or possibly when there is a third party that shows some interest in buying it.


You should take note of two major fundamentally means of selling a domain name. The first way of selling a domain name is to search for a buyer by yourself which is also known as "private transaction." This means the transaction is strictly between you and the buyer no third party.


While the second means is using a broker. Selling your domain name can be cool and profitable. Nevertheless, you need to know how to go about it.




CREATE AN ADVERT PAGE ON THE DOMAIN: you can easily sell your domain buying creating a page on the domain explaining that you want to sell it, then you will provide a phone number where potential buyers can reach you. This is undeniably the cheapest way to sell your domain but it could pay off in the long run. However, if you do not do any kind of marketing about the domain name you could wait for years before you are contacted by anyone that might have an interest in buying the domain. You can also create an active site, with this it is much more likely that you will sell your domain faster than simply creating an advert page only. When the buyers see a complete functional site, your domain becomes more valuable in their eyes and this may likely fetch you a higher price.


PLACE A VALUE ON A DOMAIN NAME: It is a nice move if you have the desire to sell your domain name, but you should place some sorts of value on the domain name. Even though you are not going to publicize or post the set value of your domain name, it is still important that you have an idea of the minimum amount that you can bargain for before selling your domain name.


This step is necessary before you can sell it and make profit. Whenever you sell a domain name, it is like you are selling a property and one of the ways to go about that is to decide on the value of your domain name.



  • Cheap way of self-marketing with all the potential profits going to you!
  • Easy to set up a web page



  • Can be difficult to get the domain in front of buyers
  • Paying for a web (hosting) site can be costly in the long run
  • No escrow account so you will need to deal with that as well
  • You might need to rent in some experienced SEO specialists and designers
  • Can be technically very challenging!


BEWARE OF SCAMMERS: You need to know the identity of your buyer. Knowing your buyer identity is important. Some calls or emails from "prospective buyers" could be a scam so you need to be very careful in dealing with them. You must, therefore, need to search and confirm the existence any buyer’s names and their email using Google and this step will help you to identify if such buyer is a scam, as a result, you will obtain from the search.


TRANSFER OF DOMAIN AND GETTING PAID: After getting a buyer either by a private transaction or through a domain broker and there is an agreement, then there is need to close the deal, this includes the domain name transfer to the new buyer and you confirming your payment. Instruct the buyer on how you are going to transfer the domain details and how the payment will be done.





PARTNERSHIP: Why do I need a broker? This is a vital question that requires an honest answer before the selling process for your domain name begins. There are lot of things you can actually do to sell your domain. One of the fastest ways to sell your domain for less money is to partner with a broker or an online firm such as and they will display it for potential buyers on their premium names list site and whenever a visitor searches for domain similar to yours then it’s a match.


Of course in every partnership there is always an agreement, the site will definitely have a piece of the sale price but at the end, you will get a buyer for your domain through the site. Your domain name, once it is valued it automatically becomes a piece of your property that can worth a lot of money. You can personally spend time looking for buyers or you can hire a broker to work for you based on commission.


There are a lot of brokers out there so you need to be aware what each can do and what the potential costs are.



  • You get a ready platform to sell your domain off
  • You get a lot of existing buyers looking at your domain
  • Potentially a very easy process!



  • Can be expensive!
  • Some platforms are not very flexible.
  • More or less all platforms do the same thing!


Now, lets be clear about what stands on these potential issues:





Domain names remain a valuable asset in the digital world. You should always have effective contact data at your registrar and before your domain expires ensure that you extend the registration. And whenever you find a good opportunity to sell your domain, go for it provided that the price is good for you. Also, ensure that you do not transfer your domain for free by avoiding scammers since there are a lot of frauds that are associated with online transactions. There is also a much better way of selling your domain name using a specialized transfer service as on where you have to pay a set percentage (10%) on the sales value and not much else.