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After Buying and Selling domains for years using the more traditional methods (using other people platforms) we decided that we wanted more! We wanted our Domains not to be ‘just’ another item in someone else’s sale book that was displayed on the front page for ‘a while’ and if not sold then never to be seen again.

We Thought long and hard about this and here we are;

Active Domains Club - constant fresh eyes on your Domain
Our SEO on landing pages is second to none
No Cost until SOLD policy
Our Secure Client Escrow Service

We present the ultimate Domain selling platform.

As our customer we are privileged to serve you and your needs!

Standard flat fee on Sales revenues only!
Dual account – you can buy and sell using the same account!
Start a Domain trading firm – use us as your sales outlet!
Control how your domain is presented to buyers
Our Customer Service is second to none!

Active Domain Club

Our revolutionary Active Domain Club makes it easy for you to get your Domain in front of a LOT more potential purchasers!

It is well known in the Domain market that end users are very picky to get that final Domain / Brand and if it does not fit, they’ll go looking for another one.

Our ADC takes this and makes it into a feature that attract more end users than ever before!

With us they can start at one point and end up at a completely different one, the important factor is that THEY FIND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR!

It’s a known problem that stand alone domains does gets natural traffic but this traffic is very targeted, thus low in volume, thus restrictive. ADC put this on its head with a massive amount of traffic that is circulated amongst relevant Domains in order to get as many eyeballs (potential purchasers) as possible on it BUT IT HAS TO BE RELEVANT as all this traffic is converting traffic!

So, the selection procedure is very stringent, sellers have no input into this process, its to stop potential spam in the system as this could be very easily skewed!

So how does it work?

Study the below ADC concept chart:
ADC concept chart

You can see that with this system there are no links between say ‘’ and ‘theplantguide,com’ as they have nothing in common. This is not necessarily based on a niche but more on the past Domain usage and perceived future possible domain usage.

Further, for example will stretch into the telecoms Domain on its side but those links has nothing to do with

This system gives end users as well as potential agencies an enormous advantage in finding a relevant Domain with us, and as more Domains are feed into the system the more converting traffic is circulated and the more traffic is circulated the chances of gaining a sale exponentially increases.

How do I get my Domain on your Sales Platform?
Register you Domains with us.

Register and head to your dashboard, click on Domain Registrations under Domains (left Menu).
Enter one or multiple domains and click on Submit Domains.

Change Current Nameservers (NS).

Go to your current Domain registrar and change the Domains Name Servers to ours.
This will NOT change its ownership in any way only allowing us to display our sales page. (below image is from Godaddy's Manage DNS option)

Domains now in Domain Dashboard.

Your Domains are now listed there! Our systems will automatically check your domains nameserver settings on a constant basis and when they are detected to have changed then auto update settings!

LIVE Domains.

The domain dashboard will show when your Domain is Live on our system, displaying an optimized sales page on the Domain! That's all there is to it! We will keep you informed about Offers and Messages by email in real time as well!

Our Super-Duper Dashboard gives you everything you need!

The Dashboard overview gives you that instant knowledge about your many Domains with us, how many enquiries, how many sales, how many domains, which are generating most traffic etc perfect to be able to quickly check your various stages and domains with us.

Domain Sale/Purchase

With a simple glance you can see at what stage your Sales and Purchases are at. The Dash will also tell you if you need to do something, then this is highlighted, else, just sit back, relax, and see the progress ticks heading towards final Sale or Purchase completion!

Domain Dashboard

Our Domain Dashboard give you a total view on your Domains for Sale and what options are engaged. Easily select or deselect option and add some sale content with a few clicks and text. Also shows you the state of the DNS for each domain and Sales status.

Message Dashboard

See messages in and out and also IF they contain an offer (you can even select Offer only view to make sure you don’t miss one!). It’s in the Messages that offers and counter offers are done and, eventually, if agreeable accepted by both parties. Super Easy to use and a very effective tool!

Meet our awesome team.
Domain Trader / Founder

Started to collect Domain back in the 90s! Sold a few but kept a lot as a future investment. Designed the system to help expose more domains, then, decided to open it for everyone.

Domain Trader / Account Admin

Trades Domains as a professional and takes care of customer accounts. First port of call when you really REALLY need that Domain!

Domain Trader

Bought a LOT of Domains! Mainly a buyer but also sells when the opportunity arises, first port of call if you want to sell a high worth domain.


Doing accounts for years and years, She makes sure that our internal accounts as well as our Escrow accounts never faulters.

Domain Trader

Latest addition to the Domain market. Brings a wast amount of energy into clients account dealings and makes sure that we are on top of the game.


Our presenter. When we need someone to show that respectable side then he is the man for the job. Doing videos to show future innovations right now.

We always try to give our clients and customer that little bit extra!
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