Enter Domains to Sell

How do I get my Domain on your Sales Platform?


Register you Domains with us.

Register and head to your dashboard, click on Domain Registrations under Domains (left Menu). Enter one or multiple domains and click on Submit Domains.


Change Current Nameservers (NS).

Go to your current Domain registrar and change the Domains Name Servers to ours. This will NOT change its ownership in any way only allowing us to display our sales page. (below image is from Godaddy's Manage DNS option)


Domains now in Domain Dashboard.

Your Domains are now listed there! Our systems will automatically check your domains nameserver settings on a constant basis and when they are detected to have changed then auto update settings!


LIVE Domains.

The domain dashboard will show when your Domain is Live on our system, displaying an optimized sales page on the Domain! That's all there is to it! We will keep you informed about Offers and Messages by email in real time as well!