Tips for Domain Name Ideas

Tips for Domain Name Ideas

Choosing a domain name for your website requires a lot of thought and it requires the same process as choosing your company name. Most times, it is a determinant when choosing your business name because you have to make it easy to remember, find and promote. Your domain name is how you will be known on the web so you have to make sure you choose the best available name. Check out the tips for domain name ideas;

simple and short

1. Make your domain name simple and short

To achieve online success with your website, a simple domain name that is easy to type is important. Your customers have to be able to type your website without making mistakes and find your website easily. For example, it is easy to mix words like express and xpress together; so, choose the less ambiguous words. You should also make sure your domain name is short and easy to remember.


Business Related

2. Use keywords related to your business

Your domain name should be made up of keywords that describe your services or business. If you are a locksmith, make sure the word “lock” is included in your domain name. For instance, The catch here is to use keywords that people are searching for so that they will help you rank better on search engines and increase your website’s traffic.


Target location

3. Target your location

If your business offers its services within city or state, you can include the state or city in your domain name so that local customers can find your website easily and remember it. An example of this is


domain name research

4. Carry out a domain name research.

The name you are thinking about may have been registered by another company. In some other cases, it may be trademarked or copyrighted or all which could have legal implications for you. You might end up spending a lot of money on legal fees and still end up losing your domain.


appropriate domain name extension

5. Choose an appropriate domain name extension

Domain name extensions are the suffixes at the end of your website address such as .com, .org or .net. Each of these extensions have their own specific use, so you should make sure you choose the one that suits your business. .com is the most common domain extension while some other extensions are used for different types of websites. .co is used for a company or community website; .info is used for information sites; .org is used for non-profits and non-commercial organizations; .me is used for resume, blogs or personal sites; and .net is used for technical sites. However, there has bee a lot of speculating that the new extensions, like .shop or .legal etc etc will diversify the domain market! In our opinion this has not been the case and as a matter of fact the .com domains are now more popular than ever!


Protect your brand

6. Protect your brand

Purchase the domain for every variation of your domain name as well as different domain extensions for the name. This will ensure that competitors do not register other versions of the name and it will help you make sure that your customers land on your site even if they misspell the name.


Act swiftly

7. Act swiftly

Domain names get sold fast so you have to be fast about securing your preferred domain name as soon as you can. Thankfully, a lot of domain names are not expensive so you can conveniently buy your favorite. If you are finding it difficult to get a domain name that is available, check to get alternate names and an easy platform for buying and selling domain names today.