Welcome to Commissioned.com

After Buying and Selling domains for years using the more traditional methods (using other people platforms) we decided that we wanted more! We wanted our Domains not to be ‘just’ another item in someone else’s sale book that was displayed on the front page for ‘a while’ and if not sold then never to be seen again.


After analysing what we wanted in a Perfect Domain Sales Platform we present the following:

  • Active Domains Club - constant fresh eyes on your Domain
  • Our SEO structured landing pages is second to none
  • No Cost until SOLD policy
  • Add on Sellable Asstes to any Domain
  • Sell the Brand, Domain and Business!
  • A very effective Feature system
  • Super Secure Client Escrow Service (Both for Sellers and Buyers)
  • All Accounts are Dual in nature (A full Business solution)

We present the ultimate Domain - Brand - Business selling platform.