YOGAWELLNESS.XYZ is available to purchase for the right offer!

If you intend to start a yoga business or have an established on the this brand might be perfect for you! Its easy to remember and simple to say which makes it a very sought after brand and domain.
This name is using the new .xyz extension which really works for a business and is easy to remember, right now we are looking to sell this at a bargain price and invite you to send us your best offer.

This is a once in a lifetime domain and we do urge anyone interested to quickly snap this up as its priced for sale.

about yoga

Yoga was developed in India at least three thousand years ago, and is a discipline that uses breath control, meditation and physical exercises. There are number of things about yoga that make it particular appealing, chiefly because it helps to promote mental and physical well being. The purpose of the philosophy and technique is to achieve a heightened awareness, and ultimately, to attain spiritual enlightenment.

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Included in Domain Sale:
Custom Video
(Included Graphics)
Custom_Video Custom_Video Custom_Video Custom_Video Custom_Video Custom_Video
Included is a custom video that we had made (for three domains) this is custom and can be branded with this domain or with another one, the important part is that the entire video (6 minutes log) was shot exclusively for us so will be seen as a new video in youtube!

Videos other
(Included Graphics)
We also bought the rights to 70 yoga videos that give a complete breakdown on all yoga moves and is split up into individual yoga moves for easy assembly into you own yoga instructional video.

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